The Maverick of the Skies – Ed Daly’s Unforgettable Ride

Ever find yourself daydreaming about the glitzy world of celebrities, stars, and famous personalities from the past?

Let’s start your journey with Luis Rios, as he shares a captivating tale from the 1970s when he has the privilege of meeting some of the most iconic figures of the era. His career as a limousine chauffeur at Beverly Hills Hotel gave him a front-row seat to the lives of these legendary individuals. Through the book, “Beverly Hills Diary,” you can join him as he recounts his adventures, complete with humor, excitement, and unique insights into the lives of these unforgettable personalities.

One of the most remarkable stories in this book is Rios’ meeting with the pistol-packing airline owner, Edward Daly, a self-made millionaire and the President and CEO of World Airways, the man who orchestrated the last flight out of Da Nang, Vietnam, defying the State Department and saving hundreds of lives.

As you dive into this tale, you’ll find yourself transported into the limousine with Rios, feeling the excitement and anticipation of meeting such a larger-than-life character. The book captures the essence of Daly’s bombastic and charismatic personality, offering an intimate look at this man who built an international airline from the ground up.

In a fascinating turn of events, Luis also discovered that Daly’s Convair turboprop aircraft was previously owned by Arthur Godfrey and also served the state aircraft of  Pat Brown, as Governor of California. Daly bought the plane and commissioned Walt Disney Studio to design the unique paint scheme for the Convair, with the unique design featuring 28 shades of green and a shamrock on the tail.

Rios’ stories are nothing short of spellbinding, from the turbulent adventures to the eccentricities. You’ll feel as if you’re right there with him, conversing with the titans of Tinseltown and basking in the glow of the limelight elite. Moments like these, filled with humor and awe, await you in “Beverly Hills Diary: Close Encounters with The Stars.” Join Luis Rios as he took you on a mesmerizing journey through the 1970s when legendary men and women captivated the world with their charisma and unique presence. Each story offers a rare glimpse into the lives of these extraordinary people, sharing their passions, achievements, and zest for life.

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