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An intimate sweeping account of the history and culture of the 1970’s through personal encounters with the history makers of the times.
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Star-Studded Chronicles:
Unveiling the 1970s Beverly Hills Diaries

About Luis Rios

About the Author

Beverly Hill Diary- Close Encounters with the Stars is the breakout first non-fiction book by Luis F. Rios. He now resides in Sarasota, Florida after living most of his life in Santa Monica, and northern California. During the 1970’s while in graduate school at the University of Southern California, Luis drove a limousine based out of the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel. At that time, he became an up-close eyewitness to the making of historic events and interacted with historical national and internationally renowned celebrities and important cultural influencers of the decades before and after the 1970’s. Over the years, Luis has honed his writing skills as an Expert Witness/Vocational Evaluator, capturing in writing the essence of the experiences of his clients, to present their personal stories in the pursuit of justice in the court systems of California and Florida.

Luis Rios
Expert Witness and Author

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Take the time to reminisce with this book, you will not regret it.

Beverly Hills Diary is a MUST READ if you lived through the 70’s, and can identify with the celebrities, and luminaries mentioned in this book. A fun, informative book interspersed with humor relating to the personal experiences of the author.

Sue Brown

Hollywood Stars in the Back Seat

If you would like to hang out with Richard Harris in a pub of his choice, listen in as Dustin Hoffman and Laurence Olivier discuss acting, or share some secondary smoke as Jack Nicholson and Lou Adler light it up in the back seat, then ride along with this author as he reflects on the time in the 1970s when he drove a limo out of the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Amazon Reader

Very easy to read and informative.

I liked the format. The short chapters make it easy to pock up and put down. I hope there is a sequel.

Amazon Customer

Easy/Entertaining Read

Enjoyed the easy read and short chapters. I was able to put myself in the instance with Luis. Given my experiences in the mid to late 70’s very relatable.


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